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Serving Jamaica for almost two decade, Faith Fabrication specializes in industrial welding and steel fabrication, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. We design & implement systems to suit the need of each client. We at all times aim for 100% customer satisfaction, as our mantra confirms, "Our strength is service". Some of our recent projects include:

  • The fabrication of 2,000gal stainless steel (water storage) tank.
  • The fabrication of 4,000gal mild steel (diesel storage) tank.
  • The fabrication & installation of 50,000gal mild steel tank.
  • Fabrication of garbage skips.
  • The fabrication of cement bulker trailer.
  • Modification of Bleach Manufacturing Plant, including the installation of Worthington Pump and construction & installation of Barometric Tower.
  • The design & construction of mezzanine as part of modernization project.

Faith Fabrication and Welding is fully equipped with the latest technology and 21st century machinery: our remarkable clientele attests to this. We also have one of the most competent Engineering and Technical team which foster the high quality of work which we produce.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Our Services

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Mechanical Installation & Maintenance
  • Steel Sheet & Selections (Cut, Bend, Roll)
  • And more!

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